November 13th                    Event:    Ask a Padre Night!  - We take YOUR Q&A!


August 14th                       Guest Speaker:   William "Ty" Perry

                                   Topic:  Chartres Cathedral: Philosophy and Theology as Art                            Presentation #2:  Passion Window and Labyrinth

Oct 8th                          Guest Speaker:   Michael Coughlin and Sharon Coughlin

                                         Topic:  Fatima: Through the Century

 2020 Events

May 14th                           (Event canceled due to event site challenges!)


Spirited Theology

June 11th                          Guest Speaker:   Ty Perry

                                 Topic:  (Fifth installment of the theology and philosophy as art series)

                                      The Cathedral as Heavenly Jerusalem Building Heaven on earth.

Dec 10th                          Guest Speaker:   Fr. Michael Kerper

                                         Topic: Angels: From Warfare to Friendship

 2019 Events

April 10th                     Guest Speaker:   William Perry

                                      Topic:  Philosophy and Theology as Art at Chartres Cathedral

January 9th                  Guest Speaker:   Dr. David Russell Mosley

                                      Topic:   The Catholic Imagination

2018 Events

October 9th                          Guest Speaker:   Glenn Camley

                                     Topic:  My Brother Michael: A History of the Knights of Columbus

June 13th                     Guest Speaker:   Br. Richard Cote, O.M.I. and Irene Tremblay

                                     Topic:   Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary

April 11th         Guest Speaker:  Dr. Ryan Topping - Fellow, Thomas More College of Libral Arts

                                   Topic:   Christ's Passion and Our Suffering

Feb 11th                          Canceled due to scheduling conflict at event location

January 8th                          Guest Speaker:   William "Ty" Perry

                                            Visual Presentation:  The Belle Verriere and Marian/Davidic  

                                                                                      Themes at Chartres Cathedral. 

2017 Events

July 10th                    Guest Speaker:   Jordan Signor (reschedule from March snowstorm!)

                                      Topic:  A Night with Fulton Sheen: The Seven Last Words

Nov 12th                           Topic:  TRIVIA NIGHT!!!

September 12th            Guest Speaker:   Mark Daley

                                      Topic:   "Do Your Job: Become a Saint!"

September 11th                           TRIVIA NIGHT!  (Bring your friends to form a team!)

May 9th               Guest Speaker:   Fr. Michael Sheehan, Franciscans of the Primitive Observance

                                     Topic:   Mary, Mother of Our Christian Life

July 9th                          Guest Speaker:   Fr. Michael Kerper and Fr. Anthony Di Russo

                                         Topic:  Ask a Padre night!

April 9th                          Guest Speaker:   Fr. Michael Kerper

                                         Topic:  Listen to the Passion of Christ, anew!

March 13th                   Guest Speaker:   Jordan Signor

                                      Topic:  Fulton Sheen's Commentaries on the Passion and Death of Christ

December 12th              TRIVIA NIGHT

August 13th                   Guest Speaker:   Deacon Chuck Kelley

                                         Topic:  A "micro-retreat" based on Robert Cardinal Sarah's book                                                                 The Power of Silence

February 12th                             NOTE: Event canceled due to inclement weather

May 8th                     Guest Speaker:   Fr. Michael Sheehan

                                      Topic:  Meet the Virgin Mary: Your New Best Friend

March 14th               (Canceled due to snow storm!)

March 12th                      Guest Speaker:   Peter Braudis

                                            Topic: A Brief Sojourn into Fr. Hans Urs von Balthasar's

             Theological Reflection on the Paschal Mystery and on the Event of Holy Saturday.

February 14th            Guest Speaker:   Fr. Michael Kerper  - Pastor, St. Patrick Parish

                                  Topic:   St. Valentine's Day and God's Love

October 10th                 Guest Speaker:   Fr. Jeremy St. Martin

                                      Topic:   The Theology of Star Wars

December 11th                    Guest Speaker:   William "Ty" Perry

                                            Visual Presentation:  Windows of the Bourges Cathedral 

Jan 14th                           Guest Speaker:   Gary Bouchard

                                         Topic: "Hanged, Drawn, Quartered — and Published: Meet  

                                                 Robert Southwell, SJ —English Priest-Martyr and Poet"

July 11th                      Guest Speaker:   Eric Genius (with musicians and vocalist)

                                     Topic:   Concert for Hope

August 8th                    Guest Speaker:   Dr. Paul Murano

                                      Topic:   Humane Vitae and the Modern World

Based in Nashua, NH

March 10th                          Guest Speaker:  Fr. Michael Kerper - Nashua, NH

                                            Topic:     Angels: Hidden Congregation and Ministers

June 12th                     Guest Speaker:   Fr. Von DeRosia

                             Topic:  Saints and Sinners: We're All in Desperate Need of Divine Mercy

November 14th            Guest Speaker:   Mother Elizabeth Castro, Sister Servants of the Word

                                      Topic:   Catholic Evangelization

January 10th            Guest Speaker:   Peter and Therese Braudis

                                Topic:   Marriage in God’s Plan of Salvation

Sept 10th                          Guest Speaker:   Ty Perry

                                 Topic:  (Sixth installment of the theology and philosophy as art series)          A photographic survey of the Marian and the Bread of Life themes at Chartres

February 13th              Guest Speaker:   Tyler Worthy

                                      Topic:   The Relevance of Christian Martyrdom